All About Memory Foam Mattress

All About Memory Foam Mattress

When it comes to selecting a mattress or foam for the beads and recliners, we tend to choose comfort. Memory foams can be easily seen in every product in the furniture segment. Many of us give it priority over the coil and spring foam. What makes it so relevant? Basically, for decades we have witnessed mattresses that survive only a few years before giving way to depression and sagging. A few decades back, the cotton mattresses were re-filled to maintain their sturdiness. This cannot be done now with ready-made mattresses. Any mattress needs to maintain its sturdiness for years. The memory foam mattress is known for its comfort and sturdiness. It comes in many sizes and layers which is the reason behind its growing popularity.

What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

A memory foam mattress is made up of layers of memory foam which are also known as support foam. The memory foam reacts to the body temperature. It softens with the body heat and takes the shape of the body curvature which increases the comfort. The mattress provides support to the entire body. As the person gets up and releases the pressure on the mattress, the depressed portion of the foam regains its original shape. Thus, it does not lose its sturdiness over the years.

Memory foam has been developed by NASA. In the 1970’s, the airlines were looking for comfortable and secure materials for seats for the pilots. NASA designed memory foam for the purpose and introduced it as the temper foam. Initially, it was referred to as ‘slow spring back foam’ for the time it takes to regain its shape on removal of the applied pressure. It was meant to provide crash protection and cushioning to the pilots and passengers. Its comfort and sturdiness were acknowledged across every industry and soon it became an integral part of many commercial sectors including sports and healthcare.

It started being used in the medical sector in making mattresses. Unlike the conventional mattresses, the memory foam mattress did not disrupt the blood supply to any body part after laying on the bed for an unhealthy time period in case of a physical ailment. It reduced such occurrences and was widely accepted across the medical sector. With time, many manufacturers came into the picture, making the memory foam a very affordable product. It is now widely used in sleeping mattresses and other furniture for domestic and commercial use.

Composition of Memory Foam

Composition of Memory Foam

The primary component of memory foam is polyurethane which is a very versatile plastic polymer. We also know memory foam as ‘viscoelastic’ polyurethane foam which is formed after adding additives and different compounds to the polyurethane. Polyether Polyol is another important component added to the manufacturing process. The composition depends on the type of foam that needs to be made.

Every manufacturer is mixing new components to derive a different product and capture a larger market segment. These chemicals provide elasticity and viscosity to the foam. Elasticity refers to the property where the material regains its original shape after use. Viscosity is about taking the desired shape under pressure for a good time and slowly regaining the original shape after removing the applied pressure.

How Does It Work?

Memory foam’s response is temperature-dependent. When cold, it can be hard. As the temperature increases, the material becomes soft. The workability of the memory foam revolves around the transfer of energy. Whenever we lie down on the memory foam, it absorbs the body heat and gets warm and soft which depresses it along the contours of the body. Memory foam is made up the porous material and the deformed pores start restoring their structure on the removal of pressure. The pressure applied to the foam is distributed across it. Within a few minutes, the foam moulds into the shape of the body to provide maximum comfort. It also absorbs force very well. Memory foam is recommended in sleeping mattresses for its medical benefits such as relieving pressure points and sores in the body. It is known to provide a better sleeping experience.

There is down-side to the memory foam. The foam absorbs heat and becomes softer if you lay down for a longer period. This is the reason memory foam is associated with over-heating issues. In the middle of the night, the memory foam gets hot which can disrupt your sleep and wake you up. To solve these issues, manufacturers are introducing layers of different materials in the memory foams today.The workability changes with the added material. New materials are being added to enhance the temperature regulation in mattresses. The types of memory foam mattresses are based on the density as well as the material.

Types of Memory Foam Mattress

Types of Memory Foam Mattress

The composition and design of memory foam mattresses have evolved with time. We initially started with comfort foam and today we have temperature-regulating foam

1. Traditional Memory foam

Traditional foam refers to the original memory foam manufactured by NASA. It was designed to mould according to body comfort. It absorbed heat and took the desired shape. This is highly dense foam that provides superior comfort. However, these foams were susceptible to over-heating. After sleeping on the foam for a long period, it becomes overheated and makes us uncomfortable. This is when the manufacturers started experimenting with new materials and designs.

2. Open-cell memory foam

As the name suggests, the foam has an open-cell structure. The design is similar to the conventional foam except for the open cells or internal pockets. These open cells make the structure relatively less dense and airier. It helps in temperature regulation and keeps the foam cool even after prolonged use. This foam is meant to provide ventilation with comfort. New technologies are coming up to add comfort to the open cell structure and make up for the lost density of the foam.

3. Gel-based foam

This memory foam type uses gel in its structure to keep the material cool while sleeping. Gel-based microbeads are embedded in between the layers of the memory foam. These packets are used to trap the heat and then pass it out. They keep absorbing heat from the body and keep the mattress cool. This can be said to be an evolution of the open cell mattress where the gel packets replace the open cells.

4. Plant-based memory foam

With the growing awareness about sustainability, manufacturers are keen to make their products eco-friendly. They are using natural products such as soy and coconut coir to keep their products eco-friendly.

5. Hybrid mattress

This cannot be said to be a pure memory foam mattress type. To add to the comfort, the manufacturers are adding layers of spring and foam. A layer of spring makes the mattress more bouncy and ventilating. This again has a downside. The mattresses do not have the comfort of absorbing the force as that of a pure memory foam mattress.

Advantages of Memory Foam Mattress

  • They are soft : Memory foams are very soft. This is the reason behind their use in luxury products. They can be used in sofas and recliners to relax and relieve body stress.
  • They offer health benefits: The pressure applied to the foam is distributed equally across it. It moulds according to the body shape, avoiding any unnecessary application of pressure on any point of the body. They are helpful to people dealing with joint disorders such as arthritis. Memory foam also offers lumbar support. It helps in back pain and body ache.
  • There is the motion isolation: The fact that only the suppressed part of the foam reacts to it works to the advantage of the person sleeping next. Even if one person on the bed turns or makes some movement, it does not affect the other person sleeping on the same bed.
  • It is easily available: You can easily search for memory foam mattresses online. There are plentiful options for the user to compare and select. The online feedback can also help you in making a good selection

Disadvantages of Memory Foam Mattress

  • It retains heat: The memory foam mattress is quite dense and retains heat. Sleeping on the mattress in a heated environment can be very uncomfortable as it becomes over-heated
  • There can be difficulty in movement: Memory foam gets heated up with pressure and that area becomes very soft. After sleeping for a long time, taking turns or making any movement can be difficult as the memory foam will be in a depressed condition, unable to provide enough support for the movement.
  • There can be an off-gas odor: The memory foam has different chemicals in it with different odors. It can give away these odors and make you feel unpleasant.
  • You can find inferior quality foam: The memory foam market is very populated. You may end up with an inferior quality memory foam mattress that does not provide the required comfort. It is important to do your research before arriving at a decision.

How to Buy a Memory Foam Mattress Online?

How to Buy a Memory Foam Mattress Online?

Purchasing a memory foam mattress online can be very tricky as many brands are offering it. You can stick to these steps to make a worthy purchase.

1. Chalk out the priorities

You need to first address your concerns. Why are you getting a new mattress? It can have different answers. You can be looking for a solution to the health issues or making accommodations for a new member of the family. You have to list out the priorities for searching. For instance, if you are looking for an orthopedic mattress, start searching only for a memory foam orthopedic mattress.

2. Finalize the budget

You have to create a budget for the mattress. Decide how much you are going to spend on the mattress. You can filter your budget on different websites to see only the mattresses in your budget and save time.

3. Choose the firmness

There are different types of memory foam. High-density foam is for durability and firmness. The medium-density foam may be comparatively less comfortable but will be good to use. The low-density foam can be great for low-budget. You can choose the firmness based on use.

4. Evaluate your options

Find out the brands and options that fit these criteria. You can start searching for these brands and options.

5. Check the ratings and add-ons

You can check the ILD firmness ratings and other certifications such as the CertiPUR-US certification given to the mattresses. Find out the different materials provided in each mattress. It can be latex, spring, or gel. Focus on the comfort and ventilation each material brings.

6. Choose the mattress size

By this step, you may have the final list of mattresses. Find out if they have a mattress of the desired size.

7. Checkout delivery and warranty details

A sleeping mattress can be a hefty investment. Make sure that the manufacturer provides 5-10 years of warranty. They should also provide the option for home delivery.

8. Purchase from trusted website

Always try to make purchases from a trusted website. Check out the reviews to ensure their authenticity

What is the Difference between a Memory Foam Mattress and a Smart Grid Mattress?

Memory Foam Mattress and a Smart Grid Mattress?

We have witnessed a range of sleeping mattresses coming into the market. However, there is space for a mattress that offers advantages over memory foam mattresses. SmartGRID mattress is one such path-breaking solution that overcomes the disadvantages of memory foam. The Sleep Company is offering something unique and technology-driven, designed to introduce a next-level sleeping comfort.

It offers SmartGRID mattresses with SmartGRID technology. The foam has a robust grid-like structure with more than 2500 air channels and openings. This helps in air regulation. It is hyper-elastic with the material regaining its original shape instantly after removal of the pressure. The SmartGRID mattress is free from general issues such as breaking, sagging, and heating. The design has been scientifically approved. It can be used by normal people as well as people dealing with spine-related issues. Let us understand how the SmartGRID mattress stands out

1. Designed by expert

Memory foam was developed by NASA many years ago. Many variations have been introduced in the market and there is no authenticity of their technology. SmartGRID mattress has been developed by an expert from DRDO. It has been developed after a lot of trials and experiments. Its structure is scientifically approved. 

2. Cool sleeping environment

Unlike the memory foam, the SmartGRID mattress does not have any heating issues. Its 2500 air channels facilitate air circulation while you sleep. It is great for ventilation in any environment and weather. 

3. Better lumbar support

The ultra-elastic material makes it very soft for use. The SmartGRID does not absorb heat and stays on in texture throughout use. Even after prolonged use, there is no saggig. It provides great support to the spine. 

4. Easy movement

Even after sleeping for a long duration, the SmartGRID does not sag. It is hyper-elastic which means it instantly regains its shape after relieving the pressure. Taking turns and making movements at night is easy. The SmartGRID’s mesh-like structure provides great support 24X7.

5. Variety

Even if you find a good memory foam mattress you may miss out on the variety to cover all your furniture. The sleep company offers SmartGRID mattresses for sleeping mattresses, pillows, cushions, bedding, chairs, and recliners. You can get comforting pillows with TPE material that provides neck support for better sleep.

Again, you can go ahead with a smart recliner bed which is scientifically designed to provide you extended comfort for prolonged use. It even has a massager for deep-level comfort. The sleep company offers many such products with distinguished properties and comfort. You can get the same comfort all over your home. 

6. Anti-allergic

The Memory foam mattress contains different chemicals. Many people are allergic to these chemicals. With SmartGRID mattresses, there is no such issue. The smart grid is coupled with high-quality TPE material that lets you sleep peacefully without any allergy issues. 

7. One-stop destination

The Memory foam mattress market is brimming with brand names and manufacturers. SmartGRID mattresses are the first of their kind in India. It is a one-stop destination for all the furniture needs related to the mattress. There is no other competitor or brand that offers SmartGRID technology in mattresses. 



1.Where can I purchase the SmartGRID mattress online?

The SmartGRID mattress can be purchased online from The Sleep Company. The link to the website is

2. What are the warranty and trial periods of SmartGRID mattresses?

The SmartGRID mattress comes with 100 days trial period and 10 years warranty.

 3. Does the mattress have a physical grid-like structure?

The Grid-like structure is very compact and is inside the foam. It will not be visible from the outside. The SmartGRID mattress appears like any other foam mattress

4. Is there some SmartGRID mattress for orthopedic issues?

Yes, there is Smart Ortho and Smart Ortho Hybrid mattress made specifically for orthopedic issues. 

5. How is memory foam different from the other regular foams?

Memory foam is very dense foam that responds to the force and temperature. When someone sleeps on the foam, it absorbs the heat and softens. It moulds with the body shape to provide it the highest level comfort. The ordinary foams do not mould and provide stiffness to the body while lying down. Memory foam is a great option for relaxing and sleeping for a long time.

6. Is there any specific brand that offers the best memory foam mattress?

Memory foam mattresses are of many types. Many brands offer these types and any single brand cannot be promoted as the best.

7. Why is the memory foam hard when we purchase it?

Memory foam reacts to temperature. When you purchase it, it is cold and hard. If we sit or rest on it, it will absorb the body temperature and become soft.

8. Is memory foam good for my spine and joint-related issues?

Memory foam moulds according to the body shape. It is soft and does not exert any pressure on the joints and spine. It is good for patients suffering from joint and spine related issues. There are specific orthopedic memory foam mattresses available in the market.


The online marketplace has made our lives convenient. We can easily buy mattresses online. At the same time, we are facing a rise in competition. This ultimately increases confusion. Memory foam mattresses are a great option considering their comfort and support. But the different densities and brands can confuse you. SmartGRID is an expert-approved technology that is meant to offer exceptional support and comfort. The sleep company offers style, variety, and comfort under one roof. The sleeping mattress is a one-time investment. So, do your evaluations and make it worth it. Spend on the right product to get the desired comfort. 

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