Are memory foam mattresses safe for health?

Is memory foam a reason for your back pain? This is the most common question people are asking nowadays.

Are you waking up with back pain then it’s time to change your memory foam mattress out and buy a new mattress. 

Things people talking about memory foam mattresses:

Memory foam uses chemical – Some memory foam mattresses do use chemical material which is beneficiary for foam but dangerous for health.

Can produce chemical smell – Memory foam can produce off chemical smell.

Sleeps hot – Memory foam mattresses retain body heat causing uncomfortably hot during sleep.

Breaks down   Memory foam tends to break down and deteriorate easily

Collapses Over Time – Memory foam mattresses do feel good initially but it does collapses over time.

Instead of going through all this you can switch to The Sleep Company mattress which is Asia’s 1st Smart Grid.

Smart Grid mattress intelligently takes your body shape to provide superior support to the back and mind-blowing comfort.

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