Buying Mattress: Online Vs. In Store

We spent one-third of our lives on our mattress, so you want to make sure that you are buying a mattress that will suit your body and gives you proper comfort.

Buying a new mattress is a big investment & you have to make it right whether it is buying a mattress online or buying mattress in a store.

The Internet has made everything easier nowadays including buying a mattress.

Buying Mattress Online

Pros of Online Shopping:

  • Free Shipping – Most brands do provide free shipment which makes consumers life hassle-free.
  • 100 Nights Trial – It is suggested to try the mattress for at least 3-4 weeks in order to truly assess whether it is the best mattress for you. So in this case, brands to provide 100 Nights trial which can definitely help you to choose your perfect mattress online.
  • Compare online –  You can set your budget & requirement and accordingly you can compare mattresses online. 
  • Check Reviews –  You can do research online about the brands and you can check the reviews of the mattresses which will give you a good idea about the products.
  • Online Sale –  Most of the brands do have seasonal sales on their products so you can avail that and have your mattress in your budget.

Cons of Online Shopping:

  • You don’t get to see the mattress in person.

Buying Mattress in Store

Pros of Physical Store:

  • You can see and try mattress – The advantage of buying mattress in store is that you can test & try the mattress right away.
  • Salesperson for guiding – There will a salesperson to guide you through all your queries.
  • Physical store if you need any help – After buying mattress there is a physical shop where you can visit and ask for help

Cons of Physical store:

  • Most of the people don’t have time to go out for mattress shopping
  • Lying down on the mattress for a few minutes won’t give you an idea about how comfortable sleeping on the mattress will be.
  • Many people are not comfortable lying on the mattress in the store
  • If the negotiation is not your cup of tea you may end up buying expensive mattresses instead of buying the one which fits your needs.
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