How to Choose the Right Office Chair?

Are you planning to transform your workspace? The decision to buy office chair online can be tricky as there are plenty of options available in the market. While working, whether at home or office, we spend the majority of our time sitting on an office chair. The complexities People have when they buy office chair online is often underestimated. Since how we sit in the office or home matters a lot, there are certain things that you must consider before you buy best office chair. If you’re planning to give a productive twist to your workspace, then there are certain factors that will help you make a better decision.

Functionality and Comfort


Are you looking to buy office chair? If yes, then you need to keep the comfort of your employees, their productivity, and office culture in mind, among other things. You need chairs that will ensure your staff is productive and that attract the best talent to come work for you. Hence as you buy office chair online from The Sleep Company, you can choose from their newly launched SmartGRID office chairs. It is perfect choice for a comfortable chair, it has adjustable features, including seat height and depth, forward tilt, armrests and headrests, as well as lumbar support. SmartGRID Seat materials provide adequate support for the lower back and promote a healthy posture.

Office / Home Space

Things that inspire you and make you feel good about yourself should fill your creative space, and that includes an office chair that is perfectly aligns with your office space and vibe. Before you decide to buy office chair online, consider the dimensions of the space where you’re going to work. It can be your office or cabin space, or home office space. Before choosing your chair, you should align your desk dimensions, and space and compare if your new office chair has enough space to fit in that room or office cabin. This would rule out the probability of choosing the incorrect chair size and you will be able to choose the best office chair online.

Type of Office Chair

Office chairs are an indispensable part of every office. But with so many different shapes, styles, and varieties available, it can be tricky to know where to start. If you’re on the lookout for some new office chairs for your organization, this guide is a great place to start. Below we’ve listed every kind of chair you’ll see in the modern workplace, including their benefits and intended use. It should help you to easily decide what you need for your office.

Different tasks and different desks require different chairs. There is a wide variety of chairs to get the job done. The ideal chair provides ergonomic support, comfort, and function as it relates to your duties and desires, but what chair is the perfect fir? There are different chairs for different needs such as –

  • Ergonomic chairs for enhanced comfort and adjustability
  • Executive chairs with a little flair for stately office
  • Conference Chairs for boardrooms and meeting spaces
  • Petite chairs for smaller stature individuals

Seat Material

Feeling comfortable entails sinking into a super-plush cushion, but what if it’s actually bad for you. Getting comfortable on a soft chair only lasts for so long. As the hour’s pass, you will begin to feel the aches and pains. A surprising number of people suffer from lower back pain after sitting in a soft seat. That might seem counterintuitive since soft seats feel pretty comfortable at first, so many people still experience discomfort.

Onyx seat is designed with our Patented SmartGRID Technology which cradles your tailbone and provides extra cushioning to your tushy for long hours of working. SmartGRID’s No Pressure Support allows your spine to stay in its natural posture and gives you a feeling of weightlessness. Not just that it has multiple air channels to ensure your seat & back stays cool and comfy.

Lumbar Support

Over the period of time, with a drastic increase in 9-5 office jobs, the health issues have risen tremendously as well. Today, there is a massive number of people dealing with neck strains or back pains. A part of the blame goes to their sitting postures as well. And, if there is an absence of a good comfortable office chair, things can become even worse.

Sitting for hours together put pressure on hip bones and spine, which in turn puts excessive pressure on other joints as well. Assessing the lumbar support is one of the essential factors that you must consider while buying an office chair.

A good chair should have adequate support for the lower back area. If you’re moving a step ahead, you’d also find some amazing chairs that come with adjustable support that let you adjust the chair, both height, and depth, according to your lower back. Hence, make sure that your chair has high-quality lumbar support and is letting you control the firmness as well as the position. Your back should be able to rest seamlessly against the backrest, and the support should be as curvy as your spine.

Easy Adjustment Control

The chair should feature multiple adjustments like an adjustable armrest that go forward and back, up and down, seat height adjustment for the best fit to your favourite position. No matter in appearance or the functions it makes perfect sense of technology and the future. In multi-function tilting, the seat and backrest can be tilted independently of each other to customize the preferred angle for both. While in theory, this is superior to synchro tilting, most people will find a robust synchro-tilt mechanism more than enough, without the extra levers needed to adjust the seat and backrest angles separately.

A reclining backrest generally refers to a backrest with a high degree of recline, usually 135 degrees or over. Look for reclining backrests that can be locked at any angle between two spectrums for ultimate flexibility, as found in SmartGRID Office Chairs. If you suffer from neck pain or like to lean back often throughout the day, look for an office chair with a high back or dedicated headrest for head and neck support.

Aesthetics in Trends

Office or home aesthetics might be an essential consideration to make when you buy office chair online. If your company relies on exceptional office design to attract top talent or reflect your core values, you need to assess how particular chair designs will impact employees’ and clients’ perceptions of your office as well as productivity.

The best office chair you choose can play a significant role in the general culture and design of your office. Conventional office chairs can reflect a lot of corporate space, while more comfortable and creative office chairs like Aristo SmartGRID office chair can assist in encouraging employees to socialize while they are on breaks and feel at home while they work.

Decide your Budget

It is important to consider the budget of an office chair before you buy office chair online. The price is not always the measure of value. Hence, you require thinking twice prior to buying chairs that are a bit more expensive. They might end up being unsuitable choices. You require gathering all the information regarding the office chairs that you are looking for and then consider the price. If you discover that the chair is an excellent fit for your office, be sure to pay extra bucks for it.

Generally, the overall value for the price of a chair can be assessed by the special features and benefits that it possesses. Normally, the best office chairs have numerous different features that directly result in comfort, among other benefits.

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