Is a Good Pillow Important for Your Sleep?

Sleeping is an essential factor for our overall growth. Therefore, making sure that we get adequate sleep every night is essential. Since ancient times, people have invented and reinvented things to make our sleep hours comfortable and less painful.  

Many inventions have been made to make our sleep more pleasant, luxurious, and soothing. such as 


One of the most significant sleep-related inventions of humankind is a mattress. Though many people sleep on hard floors, the maximum number use different mattresses, from foam, latex, and cotton, to the latest SmartGRID mattresses from the Sleep Company. All these mattresses help you sleep without any discomfort to your back or ruining body posture by hurting spinal curvature.  


Even before the invention of mattresses, humans started using comforters or bed sheets to protect themselves from extreme temperatures. As we progressed into the 21st century, there are top mattress brands in India that started selling plush, soft, and quality comforters along with mattresses with a point of view to not only provide protection but comfort and a soft feather-like feeling to make you relax and cozy.  



As people started feeling discomfort in their neck and upper back, they started using elevated surfaces to sleep, which further led to the invention of pillows.  

Yet, many people don’t consider using a pillow to be a good idea to improve sleep. However, it’s not true. Using a pillow also has its benefits for our health. 

Importance of pillow

Provides support to the neck 

The human spine has a natural curve that requires proper support. If you are sleeping without proper support, it impacts your sleep and overall health. Also, it can stiffen your back and neck. A pillow provides better support in the hollow base of the neck and upper back without creating any pressure.  

Elevate head and neck 

During sleep, the head requires elevation to remain in alignment with our body and have healthy blood circulation. A pillow gives that extra elevation and comfort, further improving the sleeping position. Also, our head feels no pressure caused by the wrong spinal curve at the neck base.  

Maintains spinal curve 

A good body posture is very crucial to maintaining a healthy, painless physique, and it is only maintained if your spine remains in its natural position, that is, S shape. To maintain the natural S shape of the spine, there are many remedies, from exercise to mattresses. Just like that, a pillow plays a significant role in maintaining that natural spine curve when you sleep. As the pillow’s height supports the neck and elevates the head in the rest of the body’s alignment, the curve is naturally maintained without any stress and extra effort.  

Tips for buying a good pillow 

Just like mattresses, buying a pillow is a subjective matter. Since every individual has their comfort level, it is essential to pay attention to that comfort zone while you buy pillows online or offline.  

Here are some pointers to consider while buying a pillow. 

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