Is Resting on the Wrong Mattress Affect Productivity?

Do you feel sleepy every time during the day? Are you becoming sluggish and unable to focus on work at the workplace or at home? Several metrics such as electronic gadgets, stress, diseases, or anything you can think of can hamper your productivity.

However, you may neglect one of the essential factors that majorly impact your productivity – the mattress you are sleeping on. Yes, you read that right. Sleeping on the wrong mattress impedes your sleep and decreases your productivity.

We all know that quality sleep at night brings up good day. Choosing the right-sized mattress can be a crucial decision for you. To spend some relaxed sleeping hours on mattress, you can buy a king size mattress online or a queen size mattress online. Let’s take you through this article on how sleeping on the wrong mattress can drop down your productivity.

Sluggish Mornings

When you don’t get deep and restful sleep, you struggle to be productive the next day. It’s not that you necessarily experience pain; if you are not comfortable on your bed, you struggle to sleep and wake up with puffy eyes and a heavy head.

Unfavourable sleeping environments like too hot or too cold temperatures and weird sleeping position contributes to discomfort. Comfort comes with the right mattress. If you feel lethargic all day, it becomes difficult for you to concentrate on your work. It’s time you dump your old mattress and buy king size mattress online. The SmartGRID mattresses offer you the proper comfort, making your mornings easier and soothing.

Sore Back

Stiffness and body pain are the two main concerns that affect your sleep, health, and productivity, but what is the cause behind them? Is it a disease or your old mattress? You may generally avoid this symptom. Do you know? The sore back and body pain influence your alertness, mood, concentration, and decision-making ability to a large extent.

Neck and body aches are the signs that you’re lying on the wrong mattress every day. After a tough day at work, all we want is a relaxing sleep on a mattress that makes us feel coy and comfortable. Also, sleeping on a too soft or too firm mattress causes bodily harm, and it may create high pressure on your head, shoulders, and pelvis that further exaggerates your sore back.

Being Forgetful

The old and worn-out mattresses often welcome the dust and mites that cause allergies. Your time spent on the mattress counts. Using a mattress longer than its life which is usually 7-10 years, can impact your sleep and health. A poor mattress may lock in the sweat that houses a lot of allergens. Furthermore, it leads to allergies, and you feel irritated. While you get sleep, your brain reboots itself. When you don’t get enough sleep, your brain may feel sluggish, and your productivity decreases.

Don’t you want a solution for a restful night? SmartGRID mattresses are a perfect solution for you to snuggle and get a sound sleep. Made of hyper-elastic gel material combined with the SmartGRID Technology, these mattresses don’t let the pathogens reside. You get a cosy sleeping experience on the most comfortable mattress. Your sound sleep is key to enhancing concentration and increasing productivity at work.

Tired Faster

Studies say those who don’t sleep well at night are likely to get tired 11% faster than those who sleep well. While you choose your comfort, a quality mattress plays a significant role in providing divine comfort for uninterrupted sleep. If you feel dipping or bulging in the mattresses, it gives your body uneven support, leading to backaches.

You have the space to sleep in the central position on the sagged mattresses and keep adjusting for a comforting sleeping position. However, if you buy a king size mattress online or a queen size mattress online, you don’t have to compromise your comfort. SmartGRID mattress offer flexible support to your body. These innovative mattresses adapt to your body shape by reducing pressure and relaxing your head, shoulders, arms, and pelvis. These swiftly deliver firm support for a super relaxing night to keep your spinal length intact.

How can a Right Mattress Help?

A good quality mattress promotes your good health. If you keep tossing and turning while you try to fall asleep and feel like an owl, then these could be the signs to switch to SmartGRID mattresses. These mattress is designed with innovative features that lends you a peaceful night.

  1. SmartGRID mattresses blend TPE materials and the revolutionary SmartGRID Technology that is designed to offer pain-relieving comfort. As soon as you lay your head, you sleep in no time.
  2. The 2500 air channels in the SmartGRID structure are potent to allow enough air passage for airy comfort at night.
  3. You get a zero partner disturbance experience if you buy a king size mattress online or a queen sized mattress online. No matter how you sleep, you don’t get interrupted during your sleeping hours.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, don’t leave any chance of risking your health. If improving your sleep quality can boost your productivity, take a step further. With India’s first & only patented SmartGRID technology in the mattresses, The Sleep Company aims to offer ultimate comforting nights. To meet your sleeping needs, you can explore wide range of bedding accessories. Not only these mattresses look aesthetic in your room, but they also support your body with cloud-like comfort. The size of the mattresses matters a lot. To mitigate the risk of discomfort and body pain, you can buy king size mattress online or a queen size mattress online. Find out the top 5 mattress brands in India

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