Mattress Gone Bad

How to know if your mattress gone bad!

When is the right time to upgrade your mattress? The answer won’t come to you in a mail! Mattresses have their own way of letting you know it’s time to get a new one. At least with The Sleep Company’s Smart GRID mattress, you know it’s good lengthy 10 years. Here are some ways to find out if your mattress has gone bad.

  • Body and back pain: Do you wake up with a backache? Then chances are you need a new mattress. With time, old mattress loses the support they would provide initially. Even if the mattress does not lose its shape, it will still lose its compression leading to a saggy mattress creating pain in the neck, shoulder and back. With Sleep Company’s SmartGRID mattress, which is a pain-relieving mattress, your body is given apt support and comfort which will make you forget morning body aches.
  • Uncomfortable: Does your mattress feels uncomfortable to lay on? Your couch seems like a better place to take a nap? Well then, its time to upgrade your mattress. With Smart grid mattress, you will never have another uncomfortable sleep. Mattress that provides apt support and had cool airflow with zero disturbance, you don’t have to think again.
  • Noticeable Sag: Feeling pain in your joints, muscles and back? Odds are, your mattress has sagged. As little as 1.5” of sag can result in sever body ache after sleeping. The Sleep Company’s Smart GRID mattress promises you to never sag. It is the best mattress to buy for a happy and healthy body.
  • Allergies: Is morning sneezes a routine for you. Or are you suffering from rashes, itchy eyes and breathing challenges. You are having an allergic reaction due to the dust mites and other chemicals your mattress has. With Smart GRID mattress, you not only avoid having allergies, you also gift your body a healthy and sound sleep that it deserves in order to stay fit and productive.
  • Tired Mornings: A good night’s sleep leads to a fresh morning when you feel rested and energised. Waking up tired adds up to an unpleasant sleep time with tossing and turning. Even if you sleep for a healthy 8 hours, you might still feel groggy and it is your mattress’s fault. You are depriving your body of recovery and repair time while having daytime drowsiness, poor judgement and mood swings. This is an alarm that it’s time for you to change your mattress and switch to a smart one for better result. The Smart GRID mattress allows you to have a sound sleep while it provides you comfort and support where it’s needed with cooling airflow for better sleep.

If you check off even one of the above, it’s time to swipe your old mattress with a new one and what better pic the Smart GRID mattress of The Sleep Company! It gives you the right support and comfort you need and with zero disturbance!

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