New Mattress VS. Mattress Topper

We understand how bad it feels when you have a bad night’s sleep. While many health-related concerns or external factors impede your sleep, your old mattress can be one of the causes of your groggy, sore, and fatigued mornings. To recharge and recoup for the day, you need to sleep peacefully during the beauty hours.

Do you feel your current mattress is doing its part? Is it offering you the rest you need to feel calm and relaxed? If you struggle consistently to find the best comfort at night, you may consider buying a mattress topper or a new mattress. However, some of you may find buying a new mattress is expensive.

So, let’s provide you with some valuable insights to know whether you should buy a new mattress or a mattress topper.

To find comfort in your mattress, you can buy mattress online. Purchasing a new mattress can be overwhelming and expensive too. Here is a quick guide to knowing if you should pick a mattress topper or a new mattress:

More Firm Mattress

Picking a new mattress can be a one-time investment for at least 8-10 years. Going for an overly firm mattress can be daunting enough to scare you for years. Whether you sleep on your back or stomach, these mattresses may create high pressure on your head, stomach, shoulder, arms, and pelvis. Waking up in the morning can be more tiresome if you rest on these mattresses.

To keep your body well-rested, you can save your pocket with a mattress topper. Moreover, you can add life to your mattress by placing a mattress topper over your age-old mattress; it adds a comforting layer and enhances your sleep quality

Dipping Mattress

Indentations and the sagging in the mattresses are one of the most common tell-tale signs of an old and discomforting mattress. This only gets worse, and you get wakeful nights. In the longer term, it potentially gives you neck and back pain.

In a dipped-down mattress, you struggle to move your body comfortably. Later, it develops joint discomfort and postural issues. In a sagged mattress, investing in a mattress topper will not help you for sure. If the base of your mattress is not even, the mattress topper is more likely to follow its shape. Breaking it to you, in such cases, you must consider buying a new mattress for a restful night.

Heat Locking-in

Sleeping with sweat lines dipping down your body can be really irritating at times. We need an optimal temperature while we sleep at night; even for a powerful nap, we need cooling comfort to revitalize our bodies.

The ordinary mattresses may lock in the heat and aren’t that breathable for your peaceful sleep. Such mattresses may compel you to compromise on a good night’s rest.

If your mattress doesn’t allow proper airflow, you can enhance your sleeping experience with a breathable mattress topper. Designed to add cooling comfort, the mattress toppers bring huge benefits to those who feel the heat while sleeping.

Uneven Body Support

To keep your posture intact with the proper alignment of the head and spinal length, a quality mattress plays a major role. Is your current mattress not providing you with the proper comfort? Probably, it’s the time to say bye to your mattress.

Even after being soft to your body, it may not be the right choice. Moreover, layering a mattress topper won’t be useful to add comfort. In such cases, you can go to buy a new mattress.

If in doubt, just go for medium-firm mattresses that would coddle you the whole night, reviving your mind and health. A new mattress would be comforting enough to offer even support to your body and calm down muscle strains.

From the above-mentioned points, if you have concluded to buy mattress online, here is why you should buy a SmartGRID mattress:

Airy Comfort

Made with the combination of a hyper-elastic gel material and GRID technology, the SmartGRID mattresses are designed with 2500 air channels in them. Enabling the proper air circulation, these mattresses deliver cooling comfort, and you don’t have to battle to fall asleep.

Orthopedic Support

If you have back or neck aches, the SmartGRID mattresses take your body pain and give a cozy comfort. Based on your sleeping position, the SmartGRID mattresses intelligently follow your body shape. Giving a soft cloud-like comfort to your head, arms, pelvis, and shoulder, these mattresses support your back and spine with a firm comfort.

Zero Partner Disturbance

A worn-out or saggy mattress feels discomforting and you don’t find peace the whole night. If you sleep with a partner, ordinary mattresses may not retain motion transfer. However, laying your head on the SmartGRID mattresses gives you a zero partner disturbance and get uninterrupted sleep.


Usually, the mattresses last long and open the way for the allergens to sit in over the years. If you pick the SmartGRID mattresses, you don’t have to worry about the development of allergies. We use the top-notch material that favours your skin and offers no space for pathogens causing harm to your health. The SmartGRID mattresses are hypoallergenic and promote better sleep.

The Sleep Company – Smart Solution to Jittery Nights!

The Sleep Company strives to provide the best sleeping comfort to everyone. Understanding the sleeping needs and deeds of the customers, we have designed the SmartGRID mattresses that intelligently adapt to all body types.

With the patented GRID technology in the bedding accessories, we are India’s first and only solution for advanced comfort. Our mattresses put an end to the need for mattress toppers or other mattresses to look for comfort. To put you at ease, you can roll over the mattress and sleep comfortably as per your sleeping position. We are a solution to reduce your everyday hassles of sleeping and save your pockets with budget-friendly accessories. Explore and buy mattress online.

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