Sleep problems Indians face

While sleeping well is essential for good health, sleep isn’t a priority yet. People, especially Indian, feel more guilty about not exercising enough or eating well than not maintaining good sleep habits. Not getting adequate sleep can be an effect of many underlying problems that are mostly ignored in India, seen as something common and not harmful

Here is a list of sleep disorders Indian face yet choose to ignore them which eventually lead to other health ailments.

    1. Snoring : One of the most common disorder, snoring refers to difficulty in keeping the throat open during sleep. While snoring itself is not seen as a threat, it could be a symptom of other diseases and not to forget it even disturbs the sleep of the partner because of the noise caused by it.
    2. Insomnia : The percentage of Indians with Insomnia is as high as 33% and its impact is deep and intensive. Sleep deprived people are less effective in making quality decisions and are more likely to experience distress, develop obesity and are more likely to get coronary heart disease.

A good night sleep is achieved in comfortable environment for which a comfort sleep mattress is a necessity. Modern mattress does make claims of providing the optimum comfort needed for a sound sleep but fail to prove themselves. In these smart grid mattresses has made a mark by giving the right support and comfort needed for a person to experience a good sleep. Being a pain-relieving sleep mattress, the SmartGRID mattress solves two problems and gives a pain free and refreshing start to the day.

    1. Hypersomnia : Daytime sleepiness that interferes with daily activities, productivity or enjoyment is defined as hypersomnia. This is an abnormal symptom which can usually prevail due to lack of sleep or disruptive sleep. It is important to have sufficient sleep daily which can be achieved by sleeping on a good mattress.
    2. Sleep Deprivation : Another leading problem in India is sleep deprivation. Adults need at least six to eight hours of sleep and this need is not met; the lack of sleep can lead to other health problems. With a good mattress, it is easy to get into a comfortable position to achieve the state of deep sleep. SmartGRID mattress is a great choice if one is looking forward to make more of such changes.

Mattress plays an important role as it provides the right comfort and support that is needed for the body to have a sound sleep. SmartGRID mattress is the best choice if you are looking to solve sleep problem and inculcate healthy sleeping habits.

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