Smart Grid: The Hottest Trend in Mattress

Do you often wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat? Or with back pain? Thinking of whom to blame. It can be your work stress or maybe not. 

But according to research, it’s your mattress most of the time. It’s your uncomfortable mattress who doesn’t let you sleep peacefully. It’s your memory foam mattresses which creates a lot of heat from your body and makes your sleep uncomfortable.

Memory foam completely collapses under bodyweight & pressure. 

On the other hand, we have our Smart Grid technology which is the talk of the town nowadays. It is intelligently designed for the human body which will soft at hips and shoulders while being firm at back. Smart Gel with grid structure promotes air circulation and hence No Sweating at night.

Most of the mattresses including orthopedic mattresses are medium-soft in top layer & very firm on support layer this provides support but takes your comfort away.

Smart Grid mattresses not just provide superior support but ultimate comfort as well. 

I know this is too much to digest for mattresses, you can check our #raweggtest which cuddles those tiny delicate eggs even under so much pressure. 

What are you waiting for grab your most comfortable mattress NOW!

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