Why Do We Need Lumbar Support?

We Need Lumbar Support?

Recently, lower back pain cases have increased across the globe due to various reasons like hectic work schedules, wrong exercises, or a changed lifestyle. Another reason that is associated with lower back pain or the main reason that causes lower back pain is claimed to be a lack of lumbar support. However, many of us don’t know what lumbar support is and why many doctors insist on taking care of it. 

There is a good reason why doctors insist on taking care of lumbar support, as it plays a vital role in helping our lumbar region be strong and healthy and keep our body alignment proper. However, what is lumbar support, and why is it so important?

Here are the answers to the questions and tips to improve it.

What are Lumbar support and its anatomy?

The lumbar region comprises the lower part of the spine, including lower vertebrae from L1 to L5 moveable vertebrae, come between the sacrum and the body’s diaphragm. This Lumbar area comprises an intricate structure of vertebrae, supple tendons and ligaments, muscles, joints, and delicate nerves.

The lumbar region mainly provides support to the upper spine and body region. Also, the Lumbar region needs to be strong and flexible enough to provide our body extension, bending, core rotation, and lifting. If this region gets hurt due to overstretching, wrong sitting position, chronic pain, or any other issues, the pain increases, and if you try to improve it with the wrong remedies, it worsens. Thus, Lumbar support becomes helpful in alleviating the pain and reducing the suffering caused.

Lumbar support basically means any kind of external support provided to the lumbar region of our body. It could be anything from mattresses, cushions, chairs, braces, or shoes that will help us maintain the natural curvature of our spinal region, especially in the lumbar region. 

Importance or benefits

Importance or benefits

Apart from maintaining the natural curvature of the lower spine, Lumbar support helps you prevent other back pain-enhancing causes, such as,

  • It prevents causing nerve issues and muscle spasms.
  • Control movement to increase the recovery rate if the back is already injured
  • Help balance strained back and reduce pressure on it, thus reducing pain
  • Help you maintain proper body posture by supporting spinal curvature
  • Lumbar braces provide support during heavy lifting
  • Improves blood circulation and respiratory system by maintaining spinal alignment

Issues caused due to lack of it

Lack of Lumbar support creates serious health problems that go on for the long term if not taken care of. Also, they become worse due to reasons like prolonged sitting hours at work or using the wrong mattresses for sleeping.

The problems that the person may suffer if the lumbar region weakens such as:

  • muscle spasm, cramps, or strain
  • Worsened chronic back pain
  • increased stress or depression due to continuous discomfort
  • inkling feeling or numbness in lower body parts like legs or feet
  • increases pain in the upper body part

Who requires it?

Who requires it?

Using lumbar support is always beneficial for everyone, whether they suffer back pain or not. However, there are certain people who may have a higher risk of suffering from lower back pain issues, such as,

  • Aged people or people above 45
  • Pregnant women
  • People who fail to exercise daily
  • People who do heavy weight lifting 
  • People with chronic back pain or arthritis
  • People who suffer from back injury or have a spinal alignment issue
  • People who spend extended sitting hours at work

Various ways to get lumbar support

Apart from exercising and medical support, there are many other external things that can help a person get the required Lumbar support whenever possible. The products or things that can help you get Lumbar support in various modes, 

such as,

Adjustable bed frame

Adjustable bed frames or recliner beds are better at lumbar support than traditional ones as they curve at the right angle according to spinal and body curvature. The Sleep Company’s Elev8 Smart Adjustable Recliner Bed with a frame provides great lumbar support whether you are sleeping or sitting in relaxed mode to catch your favorite television show.

Back cushion

Back cushions are very useful when it comes to providing lower back support while sitting in a chair for long hours. Back cushions fill the gaps between the chair and the lower back and support its natural curve. The Sleep Company has launched the SmartGRID Back Cushion, which is made of patented Japanese SmartGRID technology that provides relief to pressure points, cool airflow, and improved back posture support. 

Office chairs

Many people spend one-third of their day working at the office, sitting for long hours in one chair. Continuous sitting affects the lower region of our spine if it doesn’t get enough support. 

Thus, chairs that have enough lumbar support increase the comfort level and reduce the risk of lower back pain for a person who sits for long hours for work. Chairs specifically made to provide lumbar support help maintain the spine’s natural curvature and reduce pressure from it.

The Sleep Company’s Onyx SmartGRID Chair, Aristo SmartGRID Chair, and Stylux SmartGRID Chair provide you with back support with patented SmartGRID technology. The Onyx SmartGRID Chair is one of its kind orthopedic chair from the Sleep Company that provides great support that aligns the natural S curvature of the spine. 


Technically people spend one-third of their life sleeping, thus requiring a mattress that will provide maximum lumbar support to help our body remain in proper shape even while sleeping. Also, sleeping on the wrong mattress enhances lower back pain as it affects spinal alignment. 

The mattresses that come with lumbar support have latex, foam, or spring, which determines the firmness of the mattress. For good lumbar support, the mattress must have comfort or softness that won’t create pressure on joints, hips, or neck region, while support or firmness will keep regions like the lower back or spine in the correct posture. 

The Sleep Company has designed Smart Ortho Mattress and Smart Ortho Hybrid Pocketed Spring Mattress by keeping in mind providing proper back support and maintaining overall health by improving sleep quality.


Quality shoes help people to maintain their body posture if they need excessive standing for work. 

Back braces

Back braces bring great relief to the lumbar region for people who are active or do a job like physical labor. Also, it prevents injuries due to wrong movement or improper stretching.

Sleeping position

The sleeping position plays a crucial part in maintaining the lumbar region healthy. The best sleeping position for a person is where he feels comfortable. However, the sleeping position comfort also depends on the mattress they use. For instance, a person sleeping on their side requires a mattress that inclines towards the softer side to avoid pressure on the shoulders, hips, and head. And, the person sleeping on their back requires a firmer mattress to provide enough support to the lower back and spine.

Also, lumbar pillow support can help you prevent lower back pain issues while sleeping. 

The Sleep Company’s patented SmartGRID technology mattresses provide comfort and support despite any sleeping position. 

Final Comments:

It’s never too late to start using the best and proper lumbar support to maintain the strength of the lumbar region and overall health. All you have to do is find out which type of lumbar support you require with the help of your physician and some research. 

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